A personal message from long time environmental activist Sarah Roberts

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Hi friends
Please help us stop oil and gas companies from drilling and fracking right beside our families and homes. If all of us pitch in $100, we can make a difference. Thanks to all those who have already donated.  Every dollar helps so please share with your friends who may be able to help as well.

South Taranaki District Council is proposing oil and gas rules totally inadequate to protect the health and safety of the district’s residents and the environment. Other local councils are considering similar rules. There is a possibility this process will inform baselines for national standards affecting the rest of New Zealand.

Taranaki Energy Watch need help to pay for specialists with the highest level of expertise who presented strong evidence oil and gas activities should never be a permitted activity and the distance between these activities and sensitive areas, such as homes, schools and hospitals, should be increased from an arbitrary 200 metres to be in line with international standards.

The expert evidence clearly contradicts the Council’s proposed rules. This evidence means companies should only be able to operate with a much greater consideration of the risk to the communities and a much greater say from the public.  In some cases it could mean proposed activities cannot happen.

Searching for more oil and gas is clearly high on this government’s agenda with the announcement  500 oil and gas delegates from around the world are planning to be in Taranaki for New Zealand’s biggest petroleum conference. It is more important than ever to get involved.

In solidarity

Sarah Roberts

Donate to Taranaki Energy Watch

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